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There are 4 basic types of Madeira, each named after the grape from which it is made. These are Sercial, which was once thought to be the Riesling grape and makes the lightest and driest Madeira. Verdelho, which is a tangy, medium sweet wine, with somewhat more body; Bual a definitely sweet style that has a baked, smoky complexity and Malmsey a lusciously rich, sweet and honeyed wine.

All Madeira's once bore a Vintage, but this is unusual today; most being blends or products of solera systems. If a pure Vintage from the 1980's were released, this would not happen until the first decade of the 21st century. Any such Vintage should be by definition, be superior. When it be sold, be it Vintage or not, Madeira should be ready to drink. Due to a combination of high alcohol and the estufagem baking process, however it has a virtually infinite shelf life.

Madeira Grape Varieties

  • Bastardo
  • Bual
  • Malmsey
  • Moscatel
  • Sercial
  • Terrantez
  • Verdhelo

Price List on request - Large selection of " Old Vintage " Madeira's available.

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