Terms & Conditions
The Druce, St. Mary’s Road, South Ascot, Berkshire SL5 9AX
Tel: +44 (0) 1344 627411

Conditions of Sale

All quotations are subject to stocks being available to duty and market variations .Prices are subject to alteration without notice.


All goods should be examined on delivery and any loss or damage noted on the delivery note and the carriers must also be notified in writing the same day. Breakage’s, with their packaging, should be retained for examination by the carrier.

Claims cannot be accepted unless:

a) We are notified in writing within 3 ( three ) days of delivery, for cases of loss or damage.

b) We are notified in writing, within one month of your placing an order, of non - delivery.

c) Carriers are notified as stated.

Rare Wines

These can only be allotted at our discretion to regular customers in very limited quantities.


The ownership of the goods to be supplied by RI - WINE of Ascot ( J.R. Promotion ) shall remain with RI - WINE of Ascot / J.R. Promotion, until the buyer has paid all moneys owing to the above, whether under this contract or any other contract with us and until the date when all such moneys have been paid the buyer shall store the goods in a warehouse or other premises for such goods to prevent damages there to and the buyer shall hold the same in the capacity of fiduciary owner thereof and until resale shall not remove any identification markings and if necessary shall attach labels thereto to show, that they have been supplied by RI - WINE of Ascot / J.R. Promotion whereby the same may be traced.

On sale of the goods by the buyer to a third party in the usual course of the business. RI - WINE of Ascot / J.R. Promotion shall have the right for assignment of any claims which the buyer has against his own buyer unless and until he has fully discharged moneys owing to RI - WINE of Ascot / J.R. Promotion.

Storage of Reserves

Wines can be held in store for customers entirely at their own risk, and held and delivered only in complete cases. We are not responsible for breakage’s in bin, ullages, or wine loosing condition other than losses arriving through negligence of a member of our staff. Where we are responsible, RI - WINE of Ascot and J.R. Promotion can only guarantee to refund the original purchase.

Storage will be invoiced at cost. To safeguard customers interests, all reserves are held in a separate store and, because of this, reserve orders will take longer to deliver than normal orders.


Accounts are payable on delivery. The placing of an order with RI - WINE of Ascot / J. R. Promotion shall be deemed on these terms.


Special terms have to be agreed in writing between RI - WINE of Ascot / J. R. Promotion and the buyer.

All previous Price Lists are hereby cancelled.


All prices are excluding V.A.T.

Delivery Charges

Free within a 15 miles radius of Ascot. Elsewhere by arrangement according to quantity and location.

UK - Deliveries:

  • 1 x 12 = £ 10.95 , 2 x 12 = £ 16.40 or £ 8.20 per Case,
  • 3 x 12 = £ 19.50 or £ 6.50 per Case,
  • 4 x 12 = £ 23.20 or £ 5.80 per Case,
  • 5 x 12 = £ 25.90.- or £ 5.18 per Case,
  • 10 x 12 = £ 46.- or £ 4.60 per Case .

Please ask for detailed quotation on multiple case rate.