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How to use Clef du VinHow to use Clef du Vin

Clef du Vin is a revolutionary wine accessory that softens the structure and develops the aromas of any wine with ageing potential

  • Is effective on all types of wines – red, whites, sweet, dry, sparkling etc
  • Enables the user to improve within seconds any wine with ageing potential
  • Enables the user to test within seconds the ageing potential of a wine and thereby identify the wine’s optimum cellar-time
  • Simulates the natural ageing process ,” ageing” a glass or bottle of wine by one year for each and every second it is immersed in the wine
  • Acts as a catalyst, modifying the wine’s molecular structure and organoleptic properties (ie its taste, smell, structure and aromas)
  • Consists of an alloy of metals protected by 4 international patents
  • Was developed over a 10 year period and has been tested and approved by the world’s top sommeliers, wine growers, judges and writers
  • Is an invaluable tool for all consumers, producers and sellers of wine.

How To Use

3 steps of usung Clef du VinClef du Vin is remarkably simple to use and consists of 3 steps: 1 Second ↔ 1 Year

1. Pour a glass of wine (10cl), taste and memorise. You may want to use a control glass to objectively compare the treated glass

2. Immerse Clef du Vin into the glass (or 75cl bottle if using bottle model) for one second, taste and compare

3. Repeat Step 2 until the wine reaches its peak according to your personal preference. If the wine deteriorates, then the wine has passed its optimum and further use of Clef du Vin will cause further deterioration

When To Use

Clef du Vin is an invaluable tool for all consumers, producers and sellers of wine in:

1. Improving the enjoyment of an immature wine – by simulating the natural ageing process, Clef du Vin allows you to enjoy within seconds the full potential of an immature wine which otherwise would have taken year(s). Immature ed wines will experience a softening of their tannins and a more rounded body, white wines will have their acidity diminished, revealing subtle fruit flavours, whilst sweet white wines will become much richer

2. Determining when to drink a wine - if the wine deteriorates after one or two seconds, the wine has little or no ageing capacity and should be drunk soon. If however the wine remains pleasant or improves after, for example, 3 seconds, you should lay the wine down for 3 years knowing with confidence that in 3 years time you can appreciate the wine at its peak, according of course, to your personal preference.

Care & Cleaning

Simply rinse with warm water and dry with a cloth. Do not was in a dishwasher as damage may result


Clef du Vin accelerates and simulates the natural ageing potential of a wine. Consequently, wines which have no ageing potential may actually deteriorate as a result of using Clef du Vin. The effects of Clef du Vin are accumulative and irreversible. Clef du Vin does not replicate all aspects of the natural ageing process but does act as a very close simulation or approximation

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