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Sagatiba - The World's First Premium Cachaga

The Brand

For a taste straight from the heart of Brasil, nothing is better than Sagatiba - the premium cane spirit with all the personality of Rio, plus an extra twist of style and sophistication.

Distilled from fresh sugar cane juice, Sagatiba is exceptionally pure with unparalleled smoothness and a seductive taste. Bottled in Brasil, Sagatiba is enjoyed in the world's best bars from Sao Paulo to Sydney. Available in three variants:

Sagatiba Pura

A highly versatile, multi-distilled spirit, ideal for mixing and perfect in the Sagatiba Caipirinha.

Sagatiba Velha

Distilled in traditional pot stills and matured in oak barrels for at least 2 years. Enjoy over ice or with a mixer which enhances the rich flavour.

Sagatiba Preciosa

The noblest of all cachacas, aged for 23 years in Limousin oak barrels. Best savoured neat or with a drop of water to bring out the flavours.



The Serve

The Caipirinha is the authentic Brasilian way to enjoy cachaca, but Sagatiba's versatility allows it to be enjoyed with a simple mixer, such as lemonade, or in a sophisticated cocktail. Sagatiba reflects Brasil's passion, creativity and spontaneity, so let your imagination run wild and try Sagatiba with passion fruit, fresh mango, red berries, orange and cinnamon or fresh ginger for added spice. The possibilities are endless.

Brand Support

Sagatiba bring the puro espirito do Brasil to life with extensive training and an educational programme provided by local brand ambassadors, supported with professional bar tools and tailor made cocktail recipes.


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