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Amarula - The Spirit of Africa

Amarula cream liqueur

Amarula, the indulgent cream liqueur, unlocks the mystique of Africa.

Amarula is a natural, wild fruit cream liqueur. This sensuous liqueur is a luscious liquid that teases the taste buds with chocolate, vanilla, coffee,
citrus and exotic spice.

Double distilled and oak-matured, its exotic and nuanced taste tells the story of Amarula's two-year journey:

  • ripe marula fruit is hand picked
  • kernels and skin are removed
  • marula flesh is fermented in a similar way to winemaking
  • then distilled in column stills
  • distilled again in copper potstills
  • young liqueur is matured in oak casks
  • liqueur is blended with fresh cream

The result is a rich, soft and stable cream liqueur.

But it is Amarula's versatility that makes it proudly and uniquely African: enjoy it neat over ice, add it to coffee or cocktails for a smooth and satisfying beverage, or add a dash of Amarula to bring your meal or dessert to life.

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