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  • Genuine French Trenet Absinthe in 70 cl Bottles and 4 cl Miniatures at 60 % Vol.
  • Hapsburg Absinthe from Bulgaria in 20 cl and 50 cl Bottles at 72.5 % Vol.
  • Hapsburg Absinthe from Bulgaria in 35 cl Bottles at 85 % Vol.
  • Ask for the copy of the Original “ Solid Sterling Silver Absinthe Spoon “ – A special Gift for your friend !

The Story of Absinthe

First written recipe formulated by a Frenchman, Dr. Pierre Ordinaire .
The Formula was passed to Henry Louis Pernod of Pontarlier in France , who opened his firstdistillery in Switzerland .
18th / 19th Century
Many artists such as Monet, Degas, Picasso, painted or depicted “Absinthe “ in their Art.
15th of May 1906
Absinthe was banned in Switzerland !
4th of March 1915
Absinthe was banned in France !
French Trenet Absinthe label

Manufacture and Production

Absinthe is an aromatic, dry and highly alcoholic herbal spirit . It contains anis ( liquorices flavor ) and the notorious Wormwood plant ( Artemisia ) as well as optional various other aromatic components, such as peppermint, cloves, cinnamon ( the juice of spinach, nettles and parsley are also sometimes used. )
Historically it was widely regarded as a “ very dangerous drink “ and is still banned in many countries !

“Turn-of the century Absinthe was fiercely potent stuff ."

The constituent herbs are macerated for about 8 – 10 days in alcohol and then distilled, the result being and emerald coloured spirit .

The Effects of Absinthe

Hapsburg Absinthe labelHistorically many believed that a spirit lived within the Absinthe which is released with the opening of a new bottle ! Some Artists even claimed they created their art dazzled with a “ jade vision “ inspired by Absinthe .
At the turn of the 19th century, there was much hysterical press and allegedly serious articles and books on the subject…..

Quoting from : - “ The Beverages We Drink “ by W.N. Edwards, F.C.S. ( 1898 )
“ The seat of the manufacture of this dangerous beverage is in the canton of Neufchatel… It is largely used in France and America, and its use is growing in England… Absinthe drinking has a most deleterious on the nervous system, and regular tippling utterly deranges the digestive system, weakens the frame, induces horrible dreams, and may end in idiocy or paralysis !!!! “

The Bohemian artist set made Absinthe even more notorious, with their indulgences, by the likes of Toulouse – Lautrec, Hemmingway, Oscar Wildes etc. who drank it; and it was the cause, some say, of Van Gogh, cutting off his ear.Re-sulting in 4th March 1915 – Article 367 of the French Legal Code which banned Absinthe completely in France

Art. 367. – The fabrication, the circulation and the possession with the aim to sell, and the sale of Absinthe and other similar liquors which characters are determined in the decree are forbidden.

How to drink Absinthe

Absinthe spoonThe classical method is to pour an ounce of Absinthe into a glass. Next place the Absinthe spoon on the rim of the glass and an appropriate number of sugar cubes near the slots. Now pour about five ounces of water, v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w.l.y, over the sugar to dissolve it.

The other way to drink Absinthe involves dunking a spoon of sugar in the liquid, setting light to the spoon until the sugar has caramelized, then dripping the liquid sugar into the glass of Absinthe. Adding an equal part of water then puts out any excess flaming, and the drink is then poured into a cooler glass for drinking .

Warning ! Absinthe is Extra strong and like any alcohol, excess consumption is very dangerous !!
Do Not drink and drive !

Price List

      Excl. Vat Incl.VAT
Trenet French. Frosted Bottles 4 cl 60% Vol. £ 3.25 £ 3.82
Trenet French 70 cl 60% Vol. £39.50 £46.42
Trenet French. "Eiffel Tower" 50 cl 60% Vol. £41.45 £48.70
Hapsburg – Bulgarian 20 cl 72.5% Vol. £14.50 £17.03
Hapsburg – Bulgarian 35 cl 85% Vol. £28.50 £33.49
Hapsburg – Bulgarian 35 cl 72.5% Vol. £26.50 £31.13
Hapsburg – Bulgarian 50 cl 72.5% Vol. £32.50 £38.19
Hapsburg – Bulgarian 50 cl 85% Vol. £39.70 £46.64
Hapsburg “ Gold Label" 50 cl 89.9% Vol. £48.17 £56.59
DEDO Assencio from Italy 20 cl 75% Vol. £14.25 £16.75
Solid Sterling Silver Original Absinthe Spoon incl. Post & Packing £89.95
Green Matches “ Absinthe Speciality “ Pack of 10 Tubs £11.99
Poster Trenet Art Deco or Hapsburg Jude incl. Post & Packing on request
Trenet French. Eiffel Tower